8 2024

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1:30PM - 3:00PM  

The Highlands of Wyomissing 2000 Cambridge Ave.
Wyomissing, PA 19610

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Join Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author David E. Sanger — White House and national security correspondent for The New York Times — for a conversation on the tense geopolitical order of our moment and his new book, New Cold Wars: China’s Rise, Russia’s Invasion, and America’s Struggle to Defend the West.

America is at a precipice in conflicts across the world — from Russia to China to the Middle East. Will the mistakes Putin made in his invasion of Ukraine prove his undoing and will he reach for his nuclear arsenal — or will the West’s famously short attention span signal Kyiv’s doom? Will Xi invade Taiwan? Will both men deepen their partnership to undercut America’s dominance? How will Iran’s recent strike against Israel affect these power dynamics? Can a politically polarized America use effective diplomacy to prevent Israel’s war in Gaza from spiraling into a wider regional conflict? In New Cold Wars, David E. Sanger takes these questions on with keen intelligence and a profound depth of knowledge, bringing cold clarity to America’s plunge into simultaneous confrontations across the world. Hear him discuss the making of the book and America’s waning dominance in the geopolitical order, how Israel’s war in Gaza is affecting these struggles, the future of our relationships with China and Russia, and much more.