7 2015

Friendship Circle |May 2015

1:00PM - 3:30PM  

Jewish Cultural Center 1100 Berkshire Blvd. Suite 125
Wyomissing, PA

7: Welcome baseball season with Thursday Film Festival “The natural”
have your taxi pick you up at 4:15. Lunch sponsored by The Manor
at Market Square
14: Meet the artist, Amy Schade, and come “Under The Influence” of
her Abstract Works
21: “Understanding cholesterol numbers,” presented by charon
Snyder, former Director of nursing at Berks heim.
28: Barb Dietrich from Berks county Seeing Eye Puppy Trainers will
present “Meet a future Guide Dog.” She will explain how a puppy is
trained and then placed with a blind person. She will be joined by
Gilda, a guide-dog-in-training