Dear Reading Jewish Community Parent,
We are so happy you have chosen to send your child/ren to a Jewish overnight camp this summer! Our scholarship process exists to help all families take part in the experience. The process is confidential, and your application will be handled with discretion and sensitivity.
 Enclosed is a scholarship application for the Jewish overnight summer camp of your choice. You only need to complete one application per family.
Your full scholarship application is due in our office by February 28, 2018 including: 1. A completed scholarship application 2. A full copy of your 2016 tax return 3.  2017 W2's and/or 1099's 4. A cover letter stating any special circumstances you want us to take into consideration Please make every effort to get all of your information to our offices in a timely manner; as we may be making allocations prior to the deadline of February 28, 2018.
We encourage you to enroll your child(ren) in the camps of your choice ASAP to ensure their acceptance.  We are advised that the camps will refund your deposit if we are unable to supply sufficient financial aid to  make the summer experience possible.  JFR’s Camp Scholarship will coordinate efforts with our local synagogues  and the camps to formulate a comprehensive financial assistance plan. Following review by the scholarship committee, you will receive written notification of your scholarship award.

If you have any questions, please call Bill Franklin (610) 921-0624.

Thank you.