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JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service 

Premieres on Comcast's Xfinity X1 Channel 1684


JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, America's #1 24/7 Jewish cultural network is now on Xfinity X1 CH 1684, making it available and easily accessible to more viewers than ever before. 


The addition of JBS will give all Xfinity X1 customers access to daily news from Israel, leading Jewish figures, issues and events of Jewish importance, call-in programs, Jewish studies, 92nd Street Y, Live Friday and holiday services for the home-bound, children's programs, films, music, books and entertainment. 


JBS is for members of the Jewish community and anyone with a passion for learning and a desire to gain a greater understanding of Jewish tradition, Jewish life, and the land of Israel.


JBS presents daily news and analysis from and about Israel; extensive event coverage of major Jewish conferences, addresses and lectures; an array of Jewish Studies programs including series where viewers can learn to read Hebrew or study Talmud; and twice-daily programs for Jewish children and grandchildren.


Missed an event? No problem!


Check out the Jewish Federation of Reading YouTube Channel or our Facebook page for videos of many of our virtual events! Catch up on the My Jewish Story videos on YouTube. 




Did you know that preordered and prepaid groceries or prescriptions can be picked up by JFS Transportation?

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Life: Online

Educational Programs by Federation's Community Shlichim


Life: Online is a community project initiated by community Shlichim around the U.S. to provide a variety of content to Jewish communities in the U.S. and beyond in fields of cooking, dance, history, philosophy, current events and so much more! 


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Federation has established a central communications network with JFS, RCOS, KZ & Chabad to ensure up-to-date knowledge of community members’ health status and needs to coordinate assistance.  The Jewish Federation will serve as a centralized, non-medical hotline for those in need of assistance (shopping, supplies, food drop-off while under quarantine etc. or any other help such as access to clergy or other support professionals.

You can communicate with us by using the office answering service (610-921-0624), e-mailing williamf@jfreading.org or calling on Bill’s cell phone (610-927-7136).

Brighten someone’s day. Send us your best drawings or create a "Happy Day" card and we will send it to an elder in a local nursing home or assisted living facility who can no longer receive in person visits from friends or family. Make your own card or use our template. Scan and email them to us and we will send them out