Donate Now Because...



delivers 52 weeks of kosher lunches at a local senior center


one month's life-saving Joint Distribution Committee food parcel for an elderly person in the Former Soviet Union.


delivers a scholarship for a teen to attend a Judaism and ecology seminar


delivers a local family holiday workshop


One month's taxi rides for two seniors who use our Taxi Transportation Program to attend religious services, see friends, or go to doctor appointments.


delivers 16 counseling sessions for a troubled teen


delivers a cancer family care program


A year's PJ Library subscription providing Jewish children in our community ages 6 months - 8 years with high quality Jewish books and music.


delivers plane tickets for a family of four from Kiev to Israel


delivers a month's college living allowance for an Ethiopian student in Israel


delivers two months blood pressure medication for a senior citizen


delivers a month-long stay at the home for the aged



delivers special eating utensils for a Jewish nursing home


delivers job interview clothes for a new American immigrant


delivers an AIDS education program in Israel


delivers a personal counselor for a special needs camper



A month's tutoring for an immigrant Israeli child struggling in school.


delivers a new immigrant caseworker


delivers one speaker at a Jewish education lecture series


delivers a 5-month Hebrew-language program at an absorption center in Israel


delivers two days of emergency food and shelter for a single parent and child


delivers basic necessities for a new Ethiopian immigrant family in Israel


a partial scholarship for an under-privileged child to participate in a Jewish summer camp or our Jewish pre-school.


delivers one month of van service to take seniors to the hospital


delivers one day-school scholarship to a needy student


delivers one person's temporary housing at an Israeli absorption center